Are you awake?


“I am awake.” – Walter White

These three short words simply mean that Walter has finally woken up to his life purpose: to make so much money selling drugs that even if he told you how much he makes a year, you wouldn’t believe it. In fact if he suddenly stopped going to work, a business big enough to be listed on the NASDAQ would cease to exist!

Walter White, aka Heisenberg, discovered his calling at age 50 when the doctor told him he had lung cancer. Nobody expected a polite, friendly high school chemistry teacher to take a complete U-turn and transform into a ruthless criminal. Ideally one should not have to wait for a life threatening disease to realize their life purpose, nor should they realize it so late in life, but if it has to happen that way then so be it. Better late than never.

It just goes to show that no matter who you are, even you can do the unexpected. So if you feel like people underestimate you, if you feel like you’re capable of a whole lot more, then please explore all your options in order to reach your potential. As William Thatcher’s (Health Ledger) father said in A Knight’s Tale, “A man can change his stars.” But please don’t become anything like Heisenberg, someone who has no qualms about poisoning a small child for his own gain.


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