How To Teach A Martian How To Make Toast


If you want to work as a writer in the ad industry, you might have to take a creative test to prove your skill with words. The questions can be quite imaginative. For example: How would you explain to a Martian how to make toast in less than 100 words? Luckily the Martian speaks English so at least communication won’t be a barrier.


Here’s my answer:

Step 1: Buy bread from bakery. Check the expiry date to make sure it’s fresh. Then get a toaster. Not from Amazon though, because any bread that comes out of their toaster will be blacker than their soul. Just go to the mall.

Step 2: Put bread in toaster. The longer the bread remains in the toaster, the crispier the toast will be. Once your toast pops out, enjoy it with butter or cheese.

Note: If you don’t have opposable thumbs to physically pick up bread and put it in a toaster, ask a human to lend a hand.


There you have it. If you ever run into a Martian that’s craving some wholesome Earth food, please refer them to this article. Oh and feel free to give your own explanation on the noble art of toast making. And if you’re really feeling creative, write a little travel guide for the Martian that recommends the Top 10 places to visit on Earth.


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