A Mother That Cares


I just read a Reddit (a website where people can discuss any topic) post about an American mother requesting the Australia subreddit (subreddit means a section of Reddit devoted to a specific topic) to make sure her daughter is safe because her daughter will be visiting Australia in the near future. Usually people who frequent a country related subreddit live in that country itself. Basically, a concerned mother reached out to a random group of strangers over the Internet and asked them very nicely to look after her daughter. If this mother’s level of concern had to be measured on a scale from 1 to 10, I think she’d get no less than 15. And that’s good! Her daughter is lucky to have a mother that loves her so much.

A few of the responses to her request were funny, like this one: “Don’t worry. Apart from the spiders, snakes, drop bears, crocodiles, sharks, bunyips, jellyfish, dingos, stinging trees, thylacines and backpacker murderers she’s got nothing to worry about.”

But a lot of the responses were encouraging and contained helpful safety tips. Aside from the genuine concern for her daughter’s well being, there was another part of this post that caught my eye. She referred to her daughter’s future vacation as a “trip of a lifetime” because it took several years for her daughter to save up enough money for this trip. As someone who travels a few times a year, this reminds me not to take travelling for granted.


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