This post is about two individuals who were present at the Las Vegas shootings about a week ago.

The first is a former marine who stole a pickup truck to drive 30 victims to the hospital. He was able to make two trips before ambulances arrived on the scene. So he went to the hospital and then came back. Then he went again and came back for the second time. When he came back a second time, that’s when ambulances arrived. What’s amazing is that he was fast enough to arrive at the scene twice, before the first ambulance even showed up.

This brave man, Taylor Winston, didn’t have to do what he did. He could’ve stolen the truck and driven himself to safety. But instead he placed his life at risk by staying in the danger zone. He looked for people with the most serious injuries to take to the hospital. Unfortunately he could not rescue as many he wanted to, there were simply too many. Before embarking on this dangerous mission, he checked the nearby parking lot for vehicles that had keys in them. Luckily the first vehicle he checked had the keys sitting right there. Luckily he was not hurt while saving lives.

The second individual is country guitarist Caleb Keeter, member of the Josh Abott band. He used to be a major supporter of the right to bear arms, until the Las Vegas shootings. What transformed him into an advocate for gun control was actually being in the danger zone. He realized firsthand that he couldn’t use his legally owned firearm to defend himself because the police might think he was the bad guy too. It would be difficult for police officers to identify which gun wielding person is a threat and which is not. During the massacre he wrote letter to his parents and his girlfriend, saying goodbye to them in case he didn’t make it. He even wrote a will.

Now some may question the moral compass of individuals who only realize that guns are dangerous when they themselves are getting shot at, but I think many 2nd Amendment proponents do not comprehend the reality of being in the vicinity of a mass shooting because they’ve never been neck-deep in such a situation. Unfortunately that’s just human nature. Here’s how one twitter user summed it up: “It’s frustrating that some people don’t call the fire department until the blaze is at their own front door.”

Here’s hoping we will take steps to prevent tragedies of this kind. But if we do not, then we will need heroes like Taylor Winston to step up.


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