One of the best video games I’ve played


Let’s talk about Injustice 2 – A fighting video game for PS4. You can fight with DC characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. etc. I always had a dream as a kid (a kid that loved doing karate) – to become a world fighting champion. That didn’t quite work out, injuries and a lack of discipline were my downfall. But at least I can play Injustice 2 and whoop some ass. I won’t lie, I’m still going through a huge learning curve, I only just started playing and I am by no means a natural, but it’s all about improving with the passage of time. That’s what life is about isn’t it? Getting better everyday, learning new things, meeting new people, reaching new HEIGHTS.

One of the playable characters is Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s son. Guess who Damian’s mother is? Talia al Ghul! Which makes his grandfather none other than Ra’s al Ghul, the leader of the League of Assassins/Shadows. In the Injustice story, Damian believes that violent criminals deserve no mercy and must be put down. This obviously goes against Batman’s no killing policy. But Damian is awesome, he fights with a sword and staff.

Now here’s what the Injustice story is all about (it takes place in an alternate universe): Joker orchestrates an elaborate scheme to trick Superman into murdering Lois. Lois is pregnant with Superman’s son. Lois is Superman’s wife and the love of his life. Superman is drugged into thinking that Lois is Doomsday (a giant monster) and proceeds to pulverize a pregnant woman. Oh and then Joker nukes Metropolis.

Superman understandably snaps. While Batman is interrogating Joker after Joker’s horrific crimes, Superman smashes through the wall and into the interrogation room. He grabs the Joker by the collar and slams Joker against the wall. Joker laughs and calls Superman big, dumb and gullible. Superman proceeds to literally rip Joker’s heart out. Then Superman forms a Regime to take over the planet and form a one world government. He becomes a ruthless dictator that has no tolerance for violent criminals. Damian Wayne is his right hand man. Wonder Woman also joins the Regime.

I was alright with Superman until he did a number of things that were too cruel – like deciding that that best way to put down rebels (like Batman) from overthrowing his Regime would be to nuke two entire cities (filled with countless innocent people) to make an example out of them. One of those cities was Metropolis, a city that was already nuked. That’s just wrong. Thankfully Superman’s insane plan failed. Also from a story point of view, it’s also wrong because it makes it too easy to side against Superman.

I think it would’ve made for a more interesting story to give Superman redeeming qualities. I think killing Joker was necessary for the good of humanity. Keeping Joker alive is risking the safety of countless innocent people. I was hoping from this point on Superman would’ve become a little like The Punisher, only killing violent criminals who deserve it. I was hoping that Superman’s Regime would’ve been shown to have positive traits as well – like making the world a safer place because violent criminals are put down. Sadly that wasn’t the case. Instead Superman became a complete madman.

Injustice 2 is not just an incredible fighting game, it has a very compelling story. Learn more here.


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