Guard Duty


A loving son and devoted protector. He stands guard all night with a baseball bat. Whoever attempted to murder his dad last week might come round to finish the job. Not if Junior can help it. The only way someone’s getting to his old man is over his dead body. It’s almost dawn and he’s been on high alert all night, not blinking even once (Probably because of the drugs he’s taking). Dad should be up soon, he’s always been an early riser.

Junior makes breakfast and brings it to dad in bed – French toast and freshly squeezed orange juice on a bright blue tray. Dad sips the juice and smiles. He tells his son to get some sleep. “You won’t be young forever.” Dad says. “Take care of yourself.” Dad bites the toast, which causes him to start coughing violently. Blood comes out of his mouth. Junior panics, what’s going on? What’s happening?

Unfortunately, a mere baseball bat won’t be able to smash the poison inside his father.


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