Your Baby


When Raj got a job as ‘Assistant’ at Bingam Industries, he didn’t know it was nothing but a euphemism for ‘Office Bitch’. He has to do all the dirty work for Mr. Bingam, Founder & CEO. Still, it’s better than being jobless and homeless like his father. When you live on the streets, there’s a high likelihood that a spoilt brat like Mr. Bingam’s son will get so drunk one night that he’ll accidentally run you over while you’re asleep. That bloody Bingam Boy. Just last week Raj was sent to Mr. Bingam’s mansion to help the maid clean up. Bingam Boy’s house parties are always a puke-filled affair. Why bother employing professional cleaners when Raj the Office Bitch is at your beck and call? When Mr. Bingam says “Jump!”, Raj had better channel his inner Michael Jordan and jump sky-high.

The phone on Raj’s desk rings loudly and he answers immediately, “Sir?”

“Get over here.” Mr. Bingam orders.

Raj runs up the long hallway to Mr. Bingam’s private office. Raj is the closest person to Mr. Bingam’s office but the office is separated by a long hallway. The hallway leading up to the office is quite steep, putting Mr. Bingam’s private office at a higher elevation than the rest of the office.

Raj knocks on Mr. Bingam’s door.

“Come in.” Mr. Bingam barks.

Raj enters and shuts the door behind him. Mr. Bingam doesn’t like open doors.

“Put that on my desk.” Mr. Bingam points at a thick file on the shelf behind him.

It takes all of Raj’s willpower to prevent his eyes from opening wide in disbelief. He’s been summoned by his boss to retrieve a mere file that lies only a few feet behind his boss… Raj does as he’s told and Mr. Bingam waves him away.

The wave is a dismissal. Raj leaves the office. Expecting a ‘Thank you’ from Mr. Bingam is like expecting pigs to fly. Despite all the shit Raj is being put through, he really is grateful to have a job. His wife is pregnant with twins. He didn’t even want kids but his wife pleaded, “Please. I want two kids and you want none. So, let’s compromise and have one.” Raj had agreed. It had seemed fair enough. But then the doctor had said to expect two instead of one. Therefore, Raj is royally screwed.

After a 97th long day of work, (Of course Raj has been counting his days of employment. He doesn’t want his own children born on the streets like he was) Raj goes home. His wife has left the laptop open in the living room. She’s been taking online quizzes again. This quiz features photos of two women each and challenges the user to guess which one is mother and which is daughter. Many are celebrities. Raj doesn’t think it’s very difficult. The ones who’ve had dozens of youth-retaining surgeries are easy enough to spot.

Then he hears moaning in the bedroom… sexual moaning. It sounds like his wife but Raj has never heard her make those kinds of noises before. He gets up from the sofa and walks slowly to the bedroom. On the way to the bedroom there is a trail of clothes – his wife’s clothes and the clothes of another man. When he gets to the bedroom he pushes open the door ever so slightly and peeks inside. The Bingam Boy’s face is between his wife’s legs. His wife shouts in ecstasy, “I want your babies instead!”

Raj shuts the bedroom door slowly.

He goes to the kitchen to grab a knife before returning to the bedroom.


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