True Focus


When I was a kid, I couldn’t focus on anything. Especially when I had to study for exams. My mom would force me to study and then she’d quiz me afterwards. The only break I got during exam time was when I wanted to eat – my mom would not let me do anything else. So naturally I ate a lot and always gained a few pounds during exam period – pounds which I’d lose as soon as exams got over because I could never sit still and focus, I was always running around.

Which brings me to today’s quote from X-Men: First Class by Charles Xavier when he was helping Magneto train.

“True focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity.” – Charles Xavier

Magneto, who can control metal, was trying to use his mind to turn a giant satellite dish around to face him. But he wasn’t able to do so because he was only feeling rage. He has a lot to be angry about, he’s been persecuted for being a mutant and his mother was murdered by the Nazis. That’s when Charles spoke about true focus and proceeded to assist Magneto in accessing a beautiful memory. The memory was of Magneto and his mother celebrating Hanukkah. When Magneto remembered it, he said that he didn’t know that memory was still inside him. This allowed him to feel a combination of rage and serenity and ultimately he was able to focus on turning the satellite dish.


2 thoughts on “True Focus

  1. turning20web

    ‘memory of magneto’ ..nice post!! Yeah!! During exams it’s so important to stay focused. And those breaks we love are so good.. While Studying.. We wish that the food in the plate never ends as the food finishes up.. Mom is gonna say back to us.. Go to study!! Eating food is over..!! Haha… 👌

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