Thoughts on Stranger Things


Stranger Things is the most unique show I watch. It’s one of my favorite shows, and it’s an absolute pleasure to binge. But if I were on the writing team for Stranger Things, I’d focus on creating a memorable villain for Season 3. I loved the first two seasons – both were binge-worthy – but I think Season 3 would greatly benefit if it had a stronger villain. Season 1 had Dr. Brenner, but technically he wasn’t the biggest threat – The Demogorgon was the main bad guy. In Season 2, the main bad guy was the giant shadowy spider and the Demo-dogs.

In both seasons, both primary antagonists were predators that wanted nothing more than to kill and eat humans. Despite the simplistic nature of the antagonists, Stranger Things is a success because every character is brilliant and interesting. Dr. Brenner was particularly well-rounded – he was a cruel scientist that conducted experiments regardless of the human cost. The way he was portrayed was incredibly terrifying. His voice and body language were chilling. You could tell his attempts at being sincere were not sincere at all.

I feel like Bob was the polar opposite of Dr. Brenner. Bob would’ve been a great step dad to Will and Jonathan. He was already bonding with Will. Sure he was a little corny, calling his car the Bob-mobile and all, but he truly was a hero without a cape. He risked his life to battle the monstrosities of the Upside Down and he died a warrior’s death as far as I’m concerned. I was devastated when he died. Bob was the epitome of optimism and compassion. I love how his eyes lit up at the prospect of solving a difficult puzzle – this happened when he was deciphering the elaborate map that Will drew.

Steve Harrington is another great character. He wasn’t just a typical dimwitted jock that never learns from his mistakes. He’s matured at a tremendous rate and what I love about him is that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect his friends. Season 2 was a little tough for him: He lost his girlfriend and he was beaten to a pulp by Billy. But Steve was very classy about losing his girlfriend. He could tell Nancy had feelings for Jonathan and he accepted it. He knew there was an electricity between them. Before the break-up, I like how he was advising Dustin on girls and telling Dustin that you’ll know you’re with the right girl when you feel that electricity.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed both seasons of Stranger Things so far. I can’t wait for Season 3, I wish I had a future Netflix account so I could watch it right now, but I am positive that it’ll be worth the wait. This is definitely the first of many times I will blog about this fantastic show!


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