Nosy Neighbors


Neighbors in India are as concerned about what’s happening in your house as they are about what’s happening in their house. Not just neighbors, but maids as well. If a maid works at several homes in the same neighborhood, she’ll have inside information on each of the homes she services. I’m reading Last Man In Tower by Aravind Adiga and many neighbors have a problem with a young woman living in their building because she is single and comes home late at night. They are appalled that she is a journalist who does not have a husband or children.

There is also an annoying cat in that neighborhood that keeps going through peoples’ garbage that is left outside, revealing the contents of the trash in the process. Well, one night the annoying cat rips open the journalist woman’s garbage bag and used condoms spill out. The next morning some anal neighbors see the condoms and get extremely offended. How dare this woman have sex with a man she is not married to? What if it’s more than one man?!  Luckily, one levelheaded neighbor tells these anal neighbors to stop looking at other people’s rubbish and focus on getting rid of the annoying cat instead.

Feel free to share any of your neighbor stories, I’d love to hear them!


7 thoughts on “Nosy Neighbors

  1. turning20web

    Hmm..!! Indian neighbors mostly are like this and in some localities the neighbors don’t even know who stays beside and around them. The house I used to live before on rent, you know they had what problem …i wear shorts!! And lots more.. Thanks for sharing..!! 👍…but you know when in need are relatives won’t care and come to help us, but the neighborhood we have around which is supportive and friendly is worthy…

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