Never thought math would inspire me


I’ve never liked math. Or should I say, advanced math. Basic math is obviously important. My dad made sure I knew the basics, when I was a kid he made me recite multiplication tables out loud in the car. I was so good at my tables that whenever my friend’s mom quizzed me, I answered correctly each time, which would prompt her to tell her own son, “Why can’t you be more like him?”

But when it came to algebra, geometry, and calculus, I failed miserably. Looking at complicated graphs gave me a headache. But when I’m looking at the graphs of my official WordPress blog statistics, I feel inspired because the graphs indicate that my blog is growing – each week I am getting more visitors, more views, and more comments.

Every time I think I am too tired to blog today, that I’ll blog twice the next day to make up for it – I run to the washroom and splash cold water on my face and tell myself to WAKE UP because there’s work to be done. And blogging is a good kind of work, something I like doing, and you have to blog regularly if you’re serious about it. I have a long way to go before my blog actually becomes popular, but for now I am content with this mini milestone.


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