Born Free


Once upon a time a baby alien lost his way and landed on Earth. The baby alien was frightened by the unfamiliar surroundings, and hid deep in a corner of the forest. Somewhere else in the forest, an equally frightened little boy is running for his life, trying to escape a group of merciless bullies. The boy ends up hiding in the same place as the baby alien. They become friends. The boy invites the alien to live with him, without his parents’ knowledge of course. Even though they don’t speak the same language, they bond over watching TV together in the boy’s bedroom.

Sadly, but perhaps not unpredictably, the government decides to interfere. Secret government agents ambush and kidnap the boy and baby alien. They want to study and experiment on the alien. And they must dispose of the boy – he knows too much. They use cruel forms of technology to subdue and imprison the alien. The boy tries to escape and rescue his friend, but he fails. A government agent is about to shoot him in the head. But then there’s a flash of light.

Out of the light, emerges a man. The man is from the future – he has come to save his younger self. That’s right, the boy’s savior is actually himself from the future. The man disarms and knocks out the government agents. The man has no memory of being saved by himself when he was a boy – this is a new addition to the timeline. When the man was a kid, he never befriended an alien and never had to deal with government agents. How can a timeline be altered in this manner? It’s beyond my understanding.

The man tells the boy they must leave immediately but the boy says that he wants to rescue his alien friend. The man says no, there isn’t enough time, it’s too risky, and he warns that the alien will grow up to become evil. The boy does not listen to his future self, he insists that the baby alien is his friend and deserves to be saved. The man sighs and decides to help his younger self save the alien. As soon as they free the alien from the constraints of the cruel technology, more government agents appear. All hope seems to be lost – they are badly outnumbered.

But then the alien, even though he’s just a baby, uses his mind control powers on the agents. The baby alien infiltrates the minds of the agents to make them do his bidding… The man is scared. He is afraid the baby alien will become violent. But the baby alien simply makes the agents sing a song from a musical… a musical he and the boy saw on TV. While the agents are singing, the boy, the man, and the baby alien escape to safety. Eventually the baby alien is reunited with his mother.

This was basically the plot of the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow – a CW TV show. I liked this episode a lot. It showed that just because humans and this particular race of aliens have been enemies and have fought each other in a war, doesn’t mean that a young human and a baby alien can’t become best friends. The youth are born free of prejudice – and that’s truly beautiful.


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