Badass Negotiation Tactics


Skyler White from Breaking Bad could teach a class on the art of closing a deal. Early in Season 4, she was determined to buy a car wash to help her drug-manufacturing husband launder his money. What a supportive partner. The husband, Walter White, might’ve listened to his lawyer who advised him to buy a nail salon or a laser tag business instead, but his wife shut down those ideas.

She wanted Walter to buy a car wash because it would be more realistic. After all he worked at the car wash for four years, therefore he knows how that business runs. What the hell does he know about nails and lasers? Good point Skyler – if you’re going to lie to your friends and the tax man and society in general about how you earn your money, at least make the lie believable!

When Skyler made a very generous offer to Bogdan, the owner of the car wash, she was refused in an extremely insulting manner. Bogdan told her something like, “Walter isn’t man enough to face me so he sends his woman.” Then Bogdan told her that if Walter White wants to buy the car wash, the price would be 20 million dollars. To be fair, Bogdan has reason to be angry at Walter. Yes, Walter did work at Bogdan’s car wash, but the way Walter quit was rude and unprofessional.

What happened was when Walter was working there, Bogdan always made him scrub the cars, and that wasn’t part of his job description, his job was supposed to be that of a cashier. While actually scrubbing and washing cars, Walter was forced to inhale all those unhealthy chemicals and fumes, which worsened his cough and might’ve been a contributing factor to him getting lung cancer even though he had never smoked a day in his life.

Well, one day Bogdan told him to wipe down the cars because there was a shortage of staff, and Walter proceeded to quit by telling Bogdan, “Fuck you Bogdan… I said fuck you Bogdan! And your eyebrows!” (Google Bogdan to understand how thick his eyebrows are) Then Walter proceeded to knock over a bunch of stuff (in the small shop in the car wash) and grabbed his genitals and told Bogdan, “Wipe down this!”

As you can see, it’s pretty understandable why Bogdan refused the offer. Walter was perfectly willing to buy another car wash or another business altogether, but then Skyler told him what Bogdan said about Walter not being man enough… And that enraged Walter so much that he too wanted to buy Bogdan’s car wash. So Skyler orchestrated an epic scam – she found someone who impersonated an agent of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and this someone convinced Bogdan that his business was contaminating the environment and that making his business environmentally friendly would cost a bomb. Bogdan was terrified. The only way out would be to sell his business to Skyler White!

Now the scene shifts to the White residence. Walter and Skyler are waiting for Bogdan to call and tell them that he’s reconsidered the offer. Walter is ready to give up – he tells Skyler that Bogdan didn’t fall for the scam. But Skyler urges him to wait… Walter dials his lawyer’s number because he’s ready to buy the nail salon but then all of a sudden the phone rings! It’s Bogdan! Skyler tells Bogdan that she would love to buy the car wash but at a LOWER price than the original offer and even tells him that he is an unpleasant person! Then she hangs up. What balls she has.

Walter is freaking out – why would she do that?! Why not just take the offer? What’s the point of saving a few pennies when you are super rich from selling meth? But Skyler really wants to screw Bogdan over and plus it might arouse suspicion if Skyler and Walter don’t even try to negotiate and get a better deal. Eventually Bogdan calls and says he will accept the lower offer.

Now THAT is how you close a deal!


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