Book Reunion


Have you ever come back to read a book after taking a break? Returning to a book you’ve taken a break from can be positive, negative, or somewhere in between. If it’s happy, it’s like being reunited with a girlfriend or boyfriend you’re in a long-distance relationship with. If it’s negative, it’s like running into an ex that you had a very messy break up with. If it’s somewhere in between, as is the case with me, it’s like… well, I can’t really think of a scenario here. Maybe it’s like running into a work friend or something.

In my case, as I mentioned, it is somewhere in between – I took a little break from the book I’m currently reading because it is a bit of a slog, even though I do find it interesting overall. I don’t always read books I like, sometimes I read books simply to learn how to become a better writer. In school I would often take breaks from books I was supposed to read for English class – and when I resumed reading them, it really was like running into an ex you had a nasty break up with. I rarely finished books for school purposes but if I had, I would’ve been a better writer today. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t like in order to learn to do the things you do like.

I remember the time I was forced to take a break from a book I was reading. I loved that book. I was reading it in an airplane and when I wanted to take a nap, I put the book in that little pouch in front of you. I woke up when the plane landed and I was in such a hurry to depart that I forgot the book in the plane… I was devastated when I realized my mistake. I really loved that book. For the next few months I searched so many bookshops, but nobody was selling that book. When I finally found a bookshop that was selling it, I was immensely relieved. It really was like being reunited with a long lost love.


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