Great Start To A Great Show

I’m watching Punisher on Netflix and I’m enjoying it so far. This is the first Netflix show I’m not binging because I want the fun to last as long as possible. Here’s how Frank Castle establishes himself as a relentless pursuer of justice in the first three minutes of the first episode: Some good-for-nothing, scumbag drug dealer temporarily escaped the Punisher’s wrath by running away to Juarez, Mexico.

Scumbag is celebrating – his friends pat him on the back and tell him he deserves a reward for surviving. Some people have such low standards – what on earth is there to celebrate when you had to leave the country you were doing business in to avoid getting massacred? Then his friends tell him that if the Punisher follows him to Mexico, they’ll kill the Punisher (yeah right).

Meanwhile, Frank’s watching the entire scene through the scope of his sniper rifle and he isn’t even in Mexico, he’s in El Paso, Texas (El Paso and Juarez are both along the border so it makes sense that Frank can monitor his target through a sniper rifle even though the target is in another country).

Scumbag goes inside some mansion and goes upstairs to get some action with two women. Frank is watching through a window. One woman takes of his jacket from behind and the other woman does a little dance with him. Frank is watching. Scumbag waves around a wad of cash, which seems to impress the women. Frank is watching. Scumbag kisses one of the women on the neck. Frank is watching. The woman in front of Scumbag proceeds to bend down… giving Frank a clear shot.

As soon as she’s down, the Punisher fires. The bullet will take about a second to reach the target – and in that short timeframe, here’s what’s happening:

Scumbag has a look of complete ecstasy on his face because he’s anticipating the world’s best blowjob. Scumbag bites his lower lip and tilts his head back in pleasure – and at this precise moment, the bullet hits him right in the face.

Justice has been served.

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