Why I Like India

I’ve spent about half my life in India and the other half in Canada. I have the option to stay in both places, but for now I’m content in India. Most people find that odd. After all, most people accustomed to life in the West cannot imagine living in a developing country like India. And many Indians would happily relocate to a more developed country. Also, I find amusing when I see immigration ads that are about helping Indians in India immigrate to Canada permanently. I’ve been seeing these ads a lot lately – in newspapers and online. I’m not exactly the right target audience, am I?

I like India because it feels like home. I like the friends I have here. I prefer the warm weather to the cold. And best of all, the food! Not just the Indian food, but all kinds of cuisines taste pretty good here, especially Indian Chinese. The downside of living in a big city in India is the pollution and the dirt, but there are many beautiful, scenic places here as well. Hill stations in India are breathtaking – like Shimla for instance. The first time I saw snow wasn’t in Canada, but Shimla!

I was a very young kid, and my dad scooped some white fluffy stuff in his hand and offered it to me. He asked me to taste it and I did. It was very soft and fluffy. But the Shimla trip wasn’t a complete success. The heater in our cabin wasn’t working and my parents froze most of the night. I was warm and comfortable because my parents made sure I got all the blankets and all the sweaters. Apparently, it was more expensive to live in a cabin than one of the warm hotels nearby.

I don’t think I’ll live in India forever. I want to move around, go on new adventures in new places and meet new people. But while I am here, I will try to gain as much as I can.

4 thoughts on “Why I Like India

  1. Purple Pants

    It has it’s cons but pro’s are worth it.
    Sometimes when we stay at a place long we start taking its beauty for granted. Mayhap I was doing the same unconsciously. So thank you for bringing that into focus.

    Have a wonderful stay here.💜

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