Have you ever wanted to skip Christmas?

When I was a kid, I thought America was a happy place during Christmas time because many TV Shows, cartoons and movies showed America as a snowy paradise with beautiful Christmas trees and lots of presents. But here’s the sobering reality: 45% of Americans wish they could skip Christmas due to financial pressures. I suppose it makes sense when many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and would hardly survive a month without a paycheck. I can’t imagine how depressing it is carrying debt into the New Year, it reminds me not to take my own life for granted.

I was also reading about what a nightmare it is work in retail during the holiday season. Here’s how one scarred individual summed it up, “The day after Christmas in a retail job is an unholy hell that no human should have to endure. No one is in good spirits, people are huge dicks and for some GOD FORESAKEN REASON the Christmas music is still fucking playing on the speakers in the store.” Poor guy. I really feel for him.

Here’s another story (that I read on reddit) about how annoying people can be during the holidays:


Christmas day, I get a call.

Me: “Hi, you’ve called Retail Store, how can I help you?”

Her: “Oh! So you’re open today?”

Me: “…. yes”

Her: “Well that’s not good for you, but it’s lucky for me!”



Anyway, I do hope Christmas is a beautiful time of year for you and if it is not, may the New Year bring a reversal of fortune.

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