Gaming As A Female Player

Men: to understand the kind of creepiness that women go through in the real world at the hands of men, try playing as a female character in Grand Theft Auto: Online, an open world online multiplayer video game.

You’ll learn what it’s like to be walking in public and have some random dude follow you in a car and honk at you and beg you to get in. You’ll have guys sneak up behind you and try to hump you. Even if you are a lesbian, you will still get called “darling, baby girl, sweetheart, etc.” Guys will commonly ask you: “Hey, are you a girl in real life?” God help you if you answer yes. And you’ll also get questions like: “Are you as hot as your character?” and “Please send me nudes?”

But not all female characters go through any of this. Some can just play the game normally, without any harassment whatsoever, especially if the character username is masculine in nature. It really just depends on the people you wind up playing with. I think I might try playing as a female character, maybe it’ll be easy to boss around male players. And when I do a heist with other male players, perhaps I’ll be able to demand a higher percentage of the loot!

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