Celebrities In School

When Bruno Mars was in school he was quite good at Elvis and Michael Jackson impersonations and used to participate in the talent show every year. Jim Carey’s teacher said Jim was the strangest kid he’d ever met – Jim used to have conversations with a wall. He’d give the wall a unique voice and then respond to it in his own voice. And this may surprise you, but Kanye West was apparently quite humble even though he knew he had talent.

As I was reading these stories, I started thinking about Liam Neeson’s experience in school. Liam Neeson’s dream was to become a teacher but while he was doing his teacher training, he punched a particularly big student who threatened him with a knife. He was reprimanded for attacking a student (what a joke) and gave up teaching shortly after that unfortunate incident.

What happened was that that student was being disruptive and Liam went up to him and asked him to leave the class and stand outside, but instead of leaving he pulled out a knife and ended up getting punched in the face. The moment the knife was out, Liam was concerned about his own safety as well as the safety of other students, and he acted on instinct. Sounds like he deserved praise, not a reprimand.

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