The Devil

The Devil could be lying dormant in someone very close to you. All it takes is the right stimulus to jolt them awake. And once they’ve realized who they really are, they’ll do things that’ll make you wonder whether god is asleep. Because if god were awake and paying attention, he would at least try to stop the Devil. I’m not at all religious but the point I’m trying to make is that some peoples’ true colors can be so grotesque that you’ll wish you were blind.

An example of a fictional Devil is Walter White from Breaking Bad. He was a murderer, child poisoner, nursing home bomber, and an egotistical maniac. But he wasn’t born a monster. Horns didn’t magically appear on his head one fine day. He grew into a monster slowly – inch by inch. In his case, cancer was the stimulus. When he found out he only had short while left to live, he made every second count. When his countdown began, the countdowns of many innocents began as well. And when the countdowns of those innocents hit zero, they suffered enormously at the hands of Walter White.

In an earlier post I praised Skyler White’s business acumen and negotiation skills. But overall, she is morally reprehensible because she had numerous chances to inform law enforcement about her husband. If she had, so many innocent lives would not have been ruined. She could’ve told the policeman she called to her home. She could’ve told Hank when he confronted her. Even her divorce lawyer strongly urged her to tell the authorities what her husband was up to… But she did not until it was too late.

What makes it more infuriating is that she even helped Walter launder his drug/blood money and he never even asked her to do that in the first place. He did not want her to be involved at all. But she volunteered. I think one of the reasons she helped him so much is that she did not want her son, Flynn, to find out the truth. Flynn must never see his father’s true colors. Flynn’s image of his father must always be that of a kind, gentle and sensitive man. Yeah, that didn’t quite work out.

I also couldn’t believe it when Skyler helped Walter make that awful tape accusing someone completely innocent of forcing Walt to manufacture methamphetamine. That someone was Hank Schrader, a DEA agent who almost put Walter White behind bars. The purpose of the tape was to show that Hank was the criminal mastermind behind all the ruthless acts Walt committed. Luckily, that tape never saw the light of day.

I’m not saying that you should always go to the police if you see someone doing something wrong – that may not always be the solution, especially if it places you in danger. But in Skyler’s case, there was no danger in going to the police. At least not at first. She could’ve ensured Walter’s horns did not grow past a single centimetre.

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