Pint Size Fiction is a storytelling community that enjoys fiction in all its forms.

Clearly, we have a special love for short stories – given our name – and we love reading and writing short stories.

You’ll find most our short stories on our Instagram page and here on this website. We’re proud to have published hundreds of stories written by some of the most talented writers around.

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Rohan Parekh is a fiction writer who created Pint Size Fiction to share his short stories with the world. While he loves fiction in all its forms, short stories hold a special place in his heart.

Pint Size Fiction is simply a synonym for the term ‘short story’.

Rohan has been writing ‘pint size fiction’ for over a decade and throughout his journey, he has observed that if you keep supplying readers with interesting stories, they will always ask for more.

To keep up with the demand for high quality storytelling, Rohan regularly writes stories that stay with the reader long after they’ve finished reading them.

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