Another Day

by Prabuddha Shrivastava

After buying groceries I notice someone following me. I saw the same person at the medical shop a few days ago.

And now they’re right behind me. Should I go home? If I do then they’ll know where I live…or maybe they already do!

I start sweating even more but I take a deep breath and hail a cab and head home. As I get off from the cab, lo and behold, the man is getting out of his own cab 3 meters away.

I head to the side of my apartment building, where the trash is kept. Using the darkness I hide behind the trashcan. I see the man looking for me, with something shining in his pocket. I can tell where he is. I pounce on him and knock him out.

He opens his eyes, to find himself hanging inside a closet. He panics and looks around to find his comrades hanging dead in the same closet.

I say “I am sorry, but I can’t give her up” and drive my knife through his neck. I take his shiny police badge and hide it in my box of trinkets, to accompany the other two badges.

I finally return to my room to see her sleeping. Her skeletal head lying on my pillow peacefully. I embrace her and sleep a good sleep, happy to have her for another day.

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