Bad Hair Day

by Rohan Parekh

“I’m not looking for anything serious.” He twirls her hair as they lie next to each other in bed.

She turns away from him. She’s just another fool that he likes to fool around with.

“Can’t we just enjoy what we have?” He asks.

How could she have fallen for him so hard? She blames his smile. She hates that she can never resist him, even when she’s mad at him.

“Come here.” He pulls her into his arms.

After they make love he falls asleep, even though her hair is covering half his face.

She moves ever so slowly, careful not to wake him up, and gently lifts her hair off his face.

But then she thinks, ‘Why should he sleep so peacefully after breaking my heart?’

She carefully ties her long lustrous hair around his neck, forming a loose knot. She grasps each end of her hair firmly and pulls as hard as she can. He wakes up in a panic.

He tries to resist, wildly moving his arms and legs, but it’s no use.

“I’ll miss you.” Are the last words he hears.

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