by Nishtha

After buying groceries I notice someone following me. I saw the same person at the medical shop few days ago.

On my way out of the market I cross an electronic store, the display TVs are playing the local news “…the serial killer is on the loose and usually targets young girls. The police are still investigating and suspect a woman may be involv…”

My heart sinks. I pick my pace up and pray if all the running I practiced to lose weight could actually help me outrun her.

Scared, unable to think much, I head towards home. I look back and notice she has long hair and a lean body.

Two days ago a beautiful, petite girl in her 20’s was found dead on the street with the words “I’m better” written on her forehead, the killer’s MO. This has been going on for months now. Already 7 girls in town have been killed and the Police still have no suspects. All they know is that each victim is missing a piece of jewelry.

I walk straight into my alley which is in a secluded part of the town. I wouldn’t expect her come the same way unless she’s actually following me, and guess what? She does. Now I get seriously concerned and rush onto the stairs of my building.

She runs after me and says, “Hey, I need to talk to you about my sister Jane!”

Her words stop dead me in my tracks. “I’m sorry, who’s Jane?” I ask.

“I know she was here two nights ago, I put a parental tracker on her phone.” She replies.

My palms start sweating. “I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else, I don’t know your sister, sorry!”

She gets angry and steps towards me. I try to get away but she grabs my arm and shouts, “So then why are you wearing her bracelet?”

Staring right into her perfect eyes, I let out a slight smirk and reply, “Because I’m better.”

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