by Rohan Parekh

What a life. Her parents are going to force her to marry some creep who is 15 years older than her. She wishes she could run away but her parents are rich and powerful, they’d easily hunt her down.

That’s not even the least of her problems. She has another creep to deal with as well. This other creep has been stalking her for the past two years. In fact, he’s following her right now. She’s walking home from college and he’s right behind her. She’s lost count of how many times she’s told him she’s not interested in him. He just won’t give up. She really wants to teach him a lesson.

Suddenly she stops and waves at him. He smiles and approaches her quickly. She tells him she wants to go to a hotel with him. He nods and agrees, he looks like he’s won a million dollars in the lottery.

That night they meet in a hotel room. When the lights are off, she uses a knife to slash her own throat. He’s so shocked that he faints.

He ends up getting blamed for her murder and her parents make sure he goes to jail, where he is slowly tortured to death.

There was no other way for her to escape.

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