Honey, I’m Home

by Rohan Mantri

“Honey, I’m home” said Kabir in a rather phonetic tone. Ditching his laptop bag carelessly on the plush teal couch he gave a tight hug to his wife almost lifting her off the floor for a brief moment. In a swift maneuver, he undid her apron and wore it over his formals, “I’m the chef tonight” he announced midway while on his way to the kitchen. Sheena was dumbfounded and froze for an entire minute. Her otherwise emotionally unavailable husband had caught her by surprise today, reeling back to reality, she tried to think hard if there was special occasion today – not that he had ever celebrated any in such manner in their seven years of a rather wilted marriage. “I’m sure he is on some drugs” she joked in her head and moved towards the kitchen with caution.

Kabir was humming a song whilst chopping some meat. Catching Sheena from the corner of his eye he quickly washed his hands and darted towards the wine cooler. Uncorking her favorite rosé which he so dearly hated he poured two glasses and handed one over to Sheena with flamboyance. “Is everything ok”, she mumbled. “Of course; my love, enjoy your favorite wine while you watch your loving husband being at your service for today”. She sniffed the rosé suspecting it to be laced with poison and took a small swig; it tasted just fine. “Am I hallucinating, must be the antidepressants acting funny today”, she thought and pinched herself just to be sure. “Dinner will be ready in 40 minutes ma’am; the pot pie is in the oven” He held her hand gently and lead her to the bedroom, she did not resist.

Clicking a few buttons on his phone, he played her favorite track on the Bluetooth sound system. He undid his leather belt and dropped it on the floor and pulled Sheena closer and planted a passionate kiss on her lips, although in shock, she kissed him back with vigor. She was under magical spell, they hadn’t been intimate for years and her logic had left her alone in this moment. She felt the warm water on her hair whilst they were still kissing, Kabir had led her under the shower. He hugged her tightly while moving his lips to her neck, she had never felt so loved, ever. She did not even realize how or when her wet clothes had left her body, she now stood naked and stared at Kabir In trance. Mimicking a short strip tease, all his clothes joined hers on the bathroom floor. The soap lathered sex that followed was an orgasmic orchestra for Sheena, she learned that her body could do all those things and feel all that she felt, just today, for the first time.

Their long spooning cuddle on the bathroom floor was interrupted by the door bell, “Let it be”, whispered Kabir, but the visitor was persistent. Sheena wrapped herself in a bathrobe and walked towards the main door, shutting the bedroom door behind her; as fast as she could in her current state. “I have been ringing the doorbell for such a long time, are you deaf” bellowed Kabir as he entered the house and placed his laptop bag on the empty teal couch. “I w wa was… in the shower” she rubbed her eyes to focus on Kabir, who seemed like the real deal. She moved towards the bedroom with fear looming in her heart, “definitely a hallucination”, she thought to herself. With shaking hands, she twisted the door knob and pushed the door open. The scene was as she had left it, she was in disbelief as she entered her bathroom. The wet pile of clothes on the floor, weren’t just hers.

She heard a scream from the living room and her heart sank instantly. Without a thought she ran towards the living room to find the curtain flapping in the wind as the balcony door was ajar, her eyes scanned the entire area, no one was there. She Inched closer to the balcony railing, the floor seemed a bit wet, it hadn’t rained all day. Then she saw it, a wet footprints

trail that ended towards balcony railing. Perplexed while looking over her shoulder every second, she peeked down from her seventh floor balcony railing with fright, Kabir lied there mangled in a pool of blood, She yelped, in an instant she felt someone push her and she was headed towards Kabir rapidly, a moment before hitting the concrete floor, She jolted up from her sleep. “Damn, that was a nightmare, her parched throat demanded water” She mindlessly walked towards the kitchen and helped herself to a glass of water and walked out towards the living room to crosscheck if the balcony door was shut, it was.

The very next minute, she heard the main door unlock, “Honey, I’m home” said Kabir in a rather phonetic tone.

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