I Take Thee, Emily

by Ishani Dash

Rachel stares at the immigration officer at the Heathrow airport. Could he be any slower? The man behind the counter checks her passport leisurely, his eyes moving from left to right. I do not have time for this. I have to tell Ross I love him before he marries that Emily! Finally, the officer stamps her passport. Rachel thanks him and rushes towards the exit.

After what seems like several minutes, she finally manages to get out of the main airport. She wonders if she should use a payphone to call Monica, but decides against it. From her back pocket, she opens the crumbled sheet of paper containing the address for Ross and Emily’s wedding and calls out for a cab. What language do they speak here? Oh, that’s right, it’s English! What do they call cabs in England?

“Hello, sir, I want to…” she begins. Then she clears her throat and says, “My apologies. May I request you, good sir, to take me to this hotel? Here!”

She passes the sheet of paper to the cab driver who looks at her suspiciously. C’mon man, I don’t have all day!

Forty-five minutes of London traffic later, Rachel arrives at her destination. She leaves her luggage at the entrance, walks past a couple making out near the door and races inside, only to find Ross and Emily kissing. Thankfully, the kiss is short after which Emily leaves the hall. Ross turns around and she sees his eyes light up. Look at him, he’s so happy to see me here.

A part of her, a small part, tells her that perhaps now is not the time to tell her friend that she’s hopelessly in love with him. But as he walks towards her, she reasons that perhaps he needs to know. He needs to decide before it’s too late. Before he’s officially someone else’ legal spouse.

“You’re here, can’t believe you’re here,” Ross leans down to kiss her on the cheek. “What happened? Why are you here?”

“I just came to… I just needed to tell you,” she hesitates.

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter, Rach. I am so glad you came. I have been so nervous. I guess I needed you here.”

Rachel blushes, “Oh, stop it! You don’t need me! Do you, though? Do you need me here, Ross?”

“Well,” Ross shrugs. “Can you keep a secret? So, um, Emily and I actually got married in New York. City Hall. We are just doing this ceremony in London because, you know, parents. I don’t know what I’m even worried out – we are already married! But yeah, I am so glad you came!”

Rachel’s jaw drops as she stares at the love of her life. She sighs deeply, and says, “I… I am so glad I came too. Now, hurry up, and, and take thy Emily!”

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