by Arun

Hi, I’m Arun.

I’m 25 years old. I love my surname. (It translates to on the rocks).
I’m right-handed. But I like to try stuff with my left hand at times. (Let’s not discuss that)
I don’t like cats. But I adore kittens and I would die for a dog.

I love watches, especially the costlier ones. Maybe because I love wasting my precious time.

I’ve never eaten a passion fruit, but I’ve tried Octopus. Disclaimer: Yuck!

My name means The Sun. The biggest and the brightest star in the galaxy. It’s only ironic how much I enjoy being in the dark every now and then.

I’m the son of a man who
oils his wife’s hairs.
And the son of a woman
who told me I could fly.
I’m the unorganised plates on a falling shelf,
One wrong touch and I’d shatter and cry.

I’m 5’10. Or Almost 6 as I like to call it.
Yet I’m terrified of spiders and I hate knives.
I’m God-fearing but not religious. I gave up on it when I saw how it destroyed lives.

I cry during sad movies. I mostly love regional ones although I despise Bollywood. And I don’t really believe Shah Rukh Khan is that good an actor. This statement is going to make someone very angry.

I know that there’s a type of penguin that’s called the Jackass penguin and that honeybees can get STDs.
But I still am not sure about my neighbour’s name even though we smile at each other every time we meet.

I’ll love you a little too much,
Hurt a little and make you happy often.
I’m the insect that would crawl across the earth
to meet you for the last time in your coffin.

I’m the scratch you get from a healing scar.
It hurts and pleasures at the same time.
I’m water to the fish that fell out of an aquarium,
And the chorus to your favourite hymn.

Isn’t it beautiful to be human?
To be the solace to our own chaos,
To be the calm to our own mess.
To be brighter today,
A little more than yesterday’s darkness.

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