New Bride

by Nisha Kaul

The wedding night had just commenced as she stared placidly into the mirror, admiring her alabaster complexion and kohl rimmed eyes. Her heavy, richly embroidered dupatta slid effortlessly down her silhouette, revealing her hourglass figure and she smiled knowingly into the looking glass.

Tonight she would be perfect- tonight she outshone all the other women in the world and she was more than ready to surrender to the warmth of marital bliss. She wondered what IT would be like and what sensations awaited her- what smells, what tastes, and her heart started to thump with anticipation. Would she be any good?

The door behind her creaked as it opened, and she was alerted to her reflection for the last time; indeed, everything was in place as she wanted, and with a quick swivel she spun around to meet the gaze of her new husband. “This is it”, she heaved as she strode forward and reached down to adjust her balls.

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