The Mob

by Sharda Chandrashekhar

She stood at the gate as usual, staring vividly at his pants. The grey sweatpants highlighted his toned thighs almost perfectly. It had become a routine now – sharing a moment of tension while he exited and she entered the gym.

Till a cold November weekend, when they met near the locker room. She audaciously reached for his balls and gave it a gentle squeeze and teased his waistline with her fingers, her intimidating stare penetrating his soul, clearly demanding submission.

His body visibly responded to her moves until he realised this was wrong. A faint visual of his fiancé popped up. He waited for a brief moment for the blood to return to his brain and pushed her away. Aggravated by rejection, she pounced in an attempt to kiss his lips but he dodged and ran, and never looked back.

He told no one about the incident, until one fine morning, he was fired. Confused, he saw a #MeToo tweet by the same woman about how he harassed her in a gym locker room and how he viewed her as a sexual prey.

“Noooooo! This is not the truth!” He screamed helplessly at his empty room.

But ‘2 lakh likes’ and ‘20,000 shares’ became the only truth that mattered.

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