Who Are You, Bitch?

by Annie

Who the fuck you think you are?
In my opinion, you really not a star.
History is not mugging up if you know that bitch,
It’s about facts that you respectfully ditch.
Math is not just those dumbass theorems,
If you can teach well, all the subjects can be gems.
But you just believe in shoving papers down our eyes,
Do really care if we fucking fall and cry?
Obviously not, because you are here for your pay,
And this attitude makes us suffer every day
They say teachers are the futuristic souls.
And they are wrong ’cause yours one is a ghoul.
Bitch you think school is all we do?
You think we don’t have anything else that school,
Bitch please don’t be a goddamn fool.
Your teaching is a real as babies of a mule.
And yeah, bitch I heard your cheap talk,
Your opinion is friends of opposite sexes can be a mind block
You think I suck all my guy friends’ cocks,
But trust me mate, that’s not how my time clocks.
By rarely teaching, you feel you are so damn cool,
But trust me mate, you smile like a fool
You look at our chests and then you drool,
And under your dais; we can see a saliva pool.
Oh! was that supposed to be a secret?
You thought we never would have noticed?
Listen bitch if you want to have respect,
Earn it by realness and do not just merely expect.

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