Follow That Car

by Sohini Roy

I hopped into a taxi and told the driver, “Follow that car!”

I saw my fiancé get in a car with another woman. I asked the driver to speed up thinking I could follow them and see who the woman was.

The car in front of us took a few turns and stopped at the gas station. I jumped out of the taxi and rushed to the car. I prepared for the worst, prepared to catch him cheating on me, and eager to see who the woman was.

As I grabbed the door, my fiancé looked at me in shock. The woman sitting next to him thought she saw a ghost. Turns out I was more shocked than both of them. Because the woman sitting next to my fiancé resting her head on his shoulder was my therapist who for the past 3 months counselled me for Pistanthrophobia, the fear of trusting one’s partner, and told me it was only an irrational fear.

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