50 Word Story: Imagination

“Say hello to my little friend.”

Nobody ever saw the child’s imaginary playmate. His parents didn’t mind their child’s overactive imagination. Einstein once said imagination is more important than knowledge.

One day everyone was shocked to see the child floating in the park.

“He’s giving me a piggy back ride!”

50 Word Story: Yellow Wingman

He sees a cute girl at the mall. He never knows what to say to cute girls. Until now.

He’s looking down at his phone and bumps into her.

“Oh I’m sorry, are you okay?” He says. “I was hunting for a Pikachu but I think I found something better.”

The Sneeze

She’s on a blind date and it’s going downhill. He’s racist, misogynistic, and arrogant. At least the food is good. But while she’s chewing, she feels the urge to sneeze. She tries to control it but her efforts are futile. If she sneezes the food might spray out of her mouth. She’s about to turn her head to the side to sneeze into a napkin but then she gets a better idea. She sneezes at her date.

50 Word Story: Hunger

“I’m starving.” She frowns. “The last time I ate something was at noon.”

“Well it’s a shame you’re a vegetarian because I’m packing some fresh meat.” I smile.

“But it’s not enough to fill me up.” She says. “What you have is an appetizer, I’m looking for a main course.”

50 Word Story: Appearances

He’s feeling a little insecure about his looks. He knows his girlfriend loves him but sometimes he wishes he looked better.

So he asks her, “If looks were the only factor that mattered in relationships, would you still be with me?”

She looks him up and down and starts laughing.


When I’m trying to think of what to write about I imagine I’m a volcano that’s about to erupt with a brilliant story idea.

50 Word Story: Scarcity

He’s been texting her constantly after their one night stand.

One day she replies:

“You know when you’re starving and decide to eat the first thing you see no matter how bad it tastes? You want something better but there’s nothing else around. That’s why I hooked up with you.”